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About United Pacific Drilling

Consistence Performance, Continuous Production

We are a 100% nationally owned exploration drilling company with over 40 years of operating in PNG. Our company has evolved over time with current management consisting of both expat and nationals with more than 120 combine years of experience both in PNG and Australian drilling industry.

With our track record of drilling in both remote and in-mine drilling sites, we would like to provide you tailored drilling solutions at reasonable rates. We currently have available range of rigs in our fleets set up for diamond drilling campaigns. Our rigs are in operable condition and are heli- portable, track mounted, skid mounted, etc. The machines are in good condition under strict preventive maintenance schedule supported by extensive range of spare parts including all main components such as new rotation heads, pump groups etc. The machines were recently utilized on Yandera Copper Molybdenum project in PNG and Woodlark Island with good availability and drilled an average of 15m per shift.

We have a pool of highly experienced drillers that have previously operated these drill rigs while complying with stringent safety standards, and in complex cultural environments.  All our surface drillers have experience working overseas, including PNG, Africa, Australia, and Fiji.   Skilled and experienced drillers with high levels of management oversight will ensure compliance to UPD and its client’s safety and environmental management systems, and to ensure efficient utilization of resources.

If chosen to conduct your drilling program, every aspect of our drilling operations will be conducted with safety as our permanent priority. Our core values of safety, quality and productivity will, we are sure, align with the values of your company. UPD have a reputation of abiding by contract obligations while providing superior drilling performance, innovative solutions and continuous improvement.

Our Mission

‘To provide professional, reliable and straightforward drilling services carried out to the highest standards to exceed the expectations of our client; ensuring safe, equitable and empowering employment for Papua New Guineans’.

We uphold the highest benchmarks of health, safety and environment practices. In support of this United Pacific Drilling is committed in:

  1. Assist clients to achieve cost effective and productive drilling programs that integrate efficiently with the overall mining process.
  2. Monitoring and optimizing drilling techniques that produce the best results.
  3. Building and maintaining work conditions that attract quality employees, lead with team oriented, and empowering approach that allows all employees to reach their full potential.
  4. Establish and maintaining an open relationship with our clients and their representative in contributing to the effectiveness of any drilling programs.

Core Value

Our mission statement won’t be achieved without the following three (3) key values: Commitment, Trust and Respect:

We treat our people as equal and key asset to the success of our business. Their combined skills, experience and proactive approach is the pillar of United Pacific Drilling. We plan to help their career development and set a career pathway in their future.

Our leadership principles are:

  • Trust
  • Dignity
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Team and collaboration
  • Respect
  • Sharing common vision and values

Our leadership principles are explicitly defined in three paragraphs as follows;

  1. Implement and adapt a safety culture that will encourage UPD personnel to view safety as a way of life and not only a condition set by the company.
  2. Safe guard the environment by minimizing our footprint of the impact of our operation and respect local community’s cultures and traditions
  3. Develop relationships with our clients based on mutual respect, honesty and Integrity. To maintain a relationship through honest communication, mutual understanding and sharing, and a positive solution focused work ethic

Company History and Experience

United Pacific Drilling Ltd (UPD) successfully acquired United Pacific Drilling (PNG) Limited in 2017. Acquisition of PNG’s oldest drilling company with more than 40 years drilling experience in PNG is a milestone for United Pacific Drilling Ltd.  United Pacific Drilling continues its operation in PNG with modernised drilling equipment it has an enviable safety record and is the safest drilling company operating in Papua New Guinea with over 24 months LTI free on all operations.

Our operational crews are experienced in deep directional diamond coring, reverse circulation exploration and grade control drilling in remote and challenging environments.

The objective of UPD is to provide exceptional exploration drilling services driven by safety, quality and productivity.  UPD achieves this through the use of the latest equipment, innovative developments and business management systems which satisfy stringent international standards.

In order to stay at the forefront of exploration drilling, UPD invests in the latest equipment and actively pursues innovation.  Our Sandvik track mounted diamond drills and track mounted support equipment are capable of NQ core to 3,000m.  We also have heil-support rigs with depth capacities of 1500m NQ.  This equipment is new, reliable and ideal for the rugged terrain as experienced in many of the world’s active exploration projects.

UPD aims to provide a top quality core drilling service exemplified by our excellent service to our clients.  We have a strong emphasis on safety management and quality assurance, designed to satisfy the most stringent occupational health and safety standards in the world.  Our focus on safe operations, exceptional core presentation, logistical support and structured drill crew training aim to ensure the success of any drilling program in PNG.  Modern equipment, excellent staff, combined with advanced systems and procedures are all part of the professional package that United Pacific Drilling brings to all projects, regardless of its location.

We're here to help and advise you in all aspects of our services