United Pacific Drilling | Yandera Project
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Yandera Project

Consistence Performance, Continuous Production

About This Project

Yandera project started in 2008 -2013 and is one of the longest project UPD has done. With over 200,000 meters drilled UPD has supplied at one time 7 drilling rigs. As per the photos heli-portable rigs were used for the campaign. The rigs used are; Boyles 56, Boart Longyear 70 HQ, Edson RP70 man portable core rig. Boyles and Longyear rigs were primarily used for diamond drilling and Edson used for engineering work like SPT (standard penetration tests). Packer tests were done on intervals for some of the diamond holes.UPD successfully drilled more than 6,000 meters of deep drilling without any issues (safety and drilling).

Yandera is situated in the Bismarch range logistically challenging. Most of the drill pads were constructed excavations made on steep slope sides as seen in the photographs. More than 200,000 meters was drilled culminated over 5 years. Our gears consists of FMC Bean pumps, mud mixtures, rigs and spare parts, lighting plants, Gensets and generators. Drilling was done 24/7 with more than 15 personnel on site at one time.

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20 November